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The WA Flying Disc Association Inc (WAFDA) has legal and moral obligations to provide safe environments and responsibly govern flying disc sports in WA.

Policies assist the Committee to adequately meet these obligations and to maintain responsible behaviour and to make ethical and informed decisions within the sport.

Policies serve to inform everyone of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our sport’s activities.

The policies specifies who it applies to but generally this includes member, employees, board members, committee and sub-committee members, administrators, coaches, support personnel and  players/athletes (and whether they are appointed, elected or selected to these roles); life members; parents, spectators and sponsors.

Below are the policies that the WAFDA adhere to, some of which are from the Australian Flying Disc Association.


Player Protection

Safe Play

Sport Adminstration

The complete list of AFDA policies, all of which are applicable here in WA, can be found here.

These policies are just some measures we have put in place to help us ensure that our sport is safe, welcoming and enjoyable. It provides assurances to all those involved and those wishing to be involved in our sport that improper conduct will not be tolerated.

These policies covers breaches of our codes of behaviour, any behaviour that brings or is likely to bring our sport into disrepute and other inappropriate behaviour whether that occurs at practice/training sessions, in the club rooms, at meetings, at events and activities organised or sanctioned by the sport,
or away trips. It also clearly confirms that the following types of behaviour will not be tolerated:

  • Child abuse
  • Sexual assault and sexual misconduct
  • Discrimination
  • Bullying, harassment and vilification
  • Physical assault and violence
  • Verbal abuse and intimidation
  • Actions that create a hostile environment
  • Conduct that may cause psychological injury or distress.

Working with Children Check requirements

Underlying the policy is a range of laws which vary from state to state.  Despite some differences, there are some universal minimum standards that the law applies to persons involved in sporting activities.  These include anti-discrimination laws, criminal law and child protection laws. For people in our sport who work, coach, supervise or have regular unsupervised contact with people under the age of 18 years must obtain a Working With Childrens (WWC) check.  

The WWC Check

The Working with Children Check (WWC Check) is a compulsory criminal check for many people who work with children under the age of 18 in WA.  It is administered by the Working with Children Screening Unit (WWCSU), Department for Child Protection. For more details please visit the official website.


Our sport takes all complaints about inappropriate behaviour, both on and off-field, seriously. A range of steps have been set out in the Member Protection Policy for dealing with groups or individuals who engage in any of the behaviour prohibited by the policy. 
It provides guidance for those with a complaint or concern, those who have had a complaint made against them and, those who have responsibility for handling a complaint.

All complaints will be handled based on the principles of procedural fairness (natural justice), that is:

  • confidentially will be maintained;
  • both the person making the complaint (complainant) and the person the complaint is against (respondent) will be given full details of what is being said against them and have the pportunity to respond (give their side of the story);
  • irrelevant matters will not be taken into account;
  • decisions will be unbiased and fair; and
  • any penalties imposed will be fair and reasonable.

Any person(s) found guilty of breaching the policy, including making a false or malicious allegation, may be sanctioned by a range of measures including from a verbal warning up to expulsion from the sport. A group/body found guilty of breaching the policy could be suspended or expelled from membership of both the WA Flying Disc Association and the Australian Flying Disc Association.


All Policies are subject to an annual review by the Executive Committee. Below is the WAFDA Policy Review timetable.


Last Review

Next Review

Anti Harassment May 2016 May 2017
Child Protection May 2016 May 2017
General Drug May 2016 May 2017
Privacy May 2016 May 2017
Financial Reporting May 2016 May 2017
Club Affiliation May 2016 May 2017
Financial Assistance May 2016 May 2017

The Australian Flying Disc Association (AFDA) policies are reviewed as per the AFDA policy review timetable.


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